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BIM ISO 19650 Awareness | online

Only need a basic overview of BIM? - Complete a 2 hour BIM Awareness course!

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BIM ISO 19650 Bundle: BIM essentials and information management

Building information modelling (BIM) is transforming construction, and skills are in high demand. Our BIM ISO 19650 bundle offers the fastest and most cost-effective path towards your BIM Certification.

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BIM ISO 19650 Delivering information management

This six-hour course forms Stage 2 of the BRE BIM Certification education pathway and is for professionals who undertake Information Management functions.

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BIM ISO 19650 Essentials

This online course provides an overview of information management using BIM as outlined in ISO 19650 parts 1 and 2.

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BIM ISO 19650 Top-up | online

This online course will explain the core differences between PAS 1192-2:2013 (BIM Level 2) and ISO 19650.

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BIM Level 2 Bundle: Essentials and information management | online

This course combines two existing BRE Academy courses, fast tracking participants to a stage where they can consider BIM certification.  

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BIM Level 2 Delivering Information Management | online

This course is the second stage of our BIM training programme towards individual certification.  The 12 hour course leads to a practical understanding of the management of information within the BIM Level 2 process. Having completed this course, you will have a practical understanding of some of the management, standards, methods and procedures in the BIM environment.

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BIM Courses

BIM Level 2 Essentials | online

BIM Essentials equips participants with an understanding of BIM and BIM best practice.