BRE Academy offer comprehensive, high quality, training tailored to support those wishing to develop knowledge and skills around energy design compliance assessment, national calculation methodologies and their application, use of software and/or the role and responsibilities of Approved Certifiers of Design when assessing or certifying compliance with Section 6 (Energy) of the Scottish Building Standards. Our training has a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and practical knowledge.
BRE Academy ‘Approved Certifier of Design’ training consists of 3 distinct parts. Full details are provided below. This training relates to Part 1 – for non-domestic buildings.

Part 1 (of 3) – non-domestic – energy design compliance assessment

A comprehensive two day programme, tailored to support the entrance requirements for an ‘Approved Certifier of Design’. The training offers high quality iSBEM training with a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and practice. This will give attendees confidence in the purpose of the National Calculation Methodology for non-domestic buildings and the use of iSBEM to generate evidence for assessing compliance with Section 6 – (Energy) of the Scottish Building Standards.
We believe there are three key elements to training you to use iSBEM with confidence:

  • Training sessions to give you background and impart knowledge
  • Live demonstration to explain program features and show the tool in action
  • Hands-on practice so you can reinforce learning by trying it for yourself on a range of case study building designs


This Part 1 training will cover the following:

Day 1

  • Section 6 (Energy) of the Scottish Buildings Standards
  • Introduction to SBEM
  • SBEM conventions, data assembly and zoning
  • iSBEM software overview
  • Building fabric tutorial
  • Input geometry and zoning tutorial
  • Case study exercises

Day 2

  • Overview of building services in iSBEM
  • Input of building services and tutorial
  • Renewable energy
  • Understanding outputs and reports
  • Overview of EPC, Section 63 assessments and Certification of energy design
  • Worked example
  • Case study exercises

Intended Audience

  • Professionals wishing to become an Approved Certifier of Design – Section 6 (energy) for non-domestic buildings
  • Building designers and consultants with a basic understanding of building energy use and building services looking to develop more in-depth knowledge
  • Building Standards practitioners wanting to specialise in energy calculation and Section 6 compliance

’Approved Certifier of Design’ – Linked training

BRE’s comprehensive ACD training is delivered in 3 parts. You should register for each part separately.  Click here to book onto part 2 and 3.

Part Training Element Description Domestic Non-domestic
2 Role of the Certifier (1 day)

Mandatory for those wishing to apply to the BRE Global ‘Approved Certifier of Design’ schemes.

1 day. This part is common to domestic and non-domestic scheme.
3 Examination (1 day)

Mandatory for those wishing to apply to the BRE Global ‘Approved Certifier of Design’ schemes and must be undertaken in conjunction with Part 2. You will need to send a booking form to BRE Academy in order to book this part.


1 day


1 day

For more information on the BRE Global ‘Approved Certifiers of Design’ scheme see:

Important Information

  • Please note that candidates who satisfactorily complete the mandatory BRE Academy ‘Approved Certifier of Design’ (ACD) training and pass the exam are not necessarily guaranteed entry to the ACD scheme. This is because the BRE Global ACD scheme has a separate application process. Please also note that separate domestic and non-domestic ACD schemes exist, and membership of one does not include membership of the other. Prospective delegates should therefore assimilate themselves with the ACD scheme application and membership requirements (as formally set out within the ACD scheme documents (‘SD149’ – domestic and/or ‘SD151’ – non-domestic), both available at:, prior to accepting booking any training as BRE accept no responsibility should delegates fail to satisfy the Scheme membership criteria.
  • We recommend that applicants undertake the Part 1 training however, in the case where applicants choose not to undertake the Part 1 training this is done at their own risk and BRE accept no responsibility should applicants fail the Part 3 examination owing to shortcomings in this area. Please also note that evidence of suitable competence with regard to compliance assessment (i.e. equivalent to the part 1 training) will need to be provided in support any subsequent application to the BRE Global ACD schemes.

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