This course has been designed to give the participates an introduction to Building Information Modelling and a solid knowledge base on which progress on to the more advanced, discipline based training courses provided by BRE.

Due to the way that information about BIM has been shared within industry, there are those who are still unaware of several key BIM terms and definitions.  Throughout the core and extended standards, documents and deliverables these terms are clearly defined and their definitions are needed to understand the various BIM processes.

To ensure that you are equipped to understand these processes, this course includes lessons about what BIM is, and the key terminology used when describing BIM.

This course will also provide an understanding of the drivers and key developments that have led to BIM Level 2, as well as providing the context needed to understand why specific elements are included in, or excluded from this process and the government’s mandate.

The learning material, developed by world-leading BIM practitioners, is fully developed for industry and provides flexible, blended learning options.

If you want to learn more after taking this course, you can take the BIM Level 2 Essentials Course, or if you already know that you want to become a BIM Certified Professional, you can take the BRE BIM Level 2 Online Training Bundle. You can visit our BIM Courses for Certification page to see the process.

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