The BIM ISO 19650 -Awareness Course provides an understanding of why BIM as Information Management is a fundamental requirement in delivering change within the AEC Industry and provides a common understanding of the acronyms. terms and definitions to facilitate collaborative exchange as we start to take advantage of the digital capabilities available to us.

  • Unit 1 – Catalyst for Change
  • Unit 2 – What is BIM

Please note this BIM ISO 19650 Awareness course delivers the same content as the first 3hrs of the BIM ISO 19650 Essentials course and so should be viewed as an either/or with that course to avoid duplication.

Module Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the drivers that have led to the adoption of BIM
  • Understand the value of a whole life approach rather than capital-led
  • Understand why collaborative and new ways of working are required
  • Identify the effects of poor information management on projects
  • Identify the Standard developed to mitigate poor information
  • Define BIM and what constitutes an information model
  • Identify & define the key BIM terminology
  • Understand the industry adopted BIM dimensions
  • Define BIM maturity stages
  • Identify the core and extended suit of standards, documents and deliverables for ISO 19650 and BIM adoption
  • Understand ownership of information and related issues
  • Identify the contractual interventions required to support BIM Stage 2
  • Identify the vulnerability issues and security threats to digital assets
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