This course forms Stage 2 of the BRE BIM Certification education pathway and is for professionals who undertake Information Management functions (Roles or Responsibilities) in accordance with ISO 19650. These can either be for or by an Appointing Party, Lead Appointed Party or Task Teams.

This course has been developed by experienced BIM experts, who have an extensive working knowledge of ISO 19650 and the previous BS 1192 2007 and PAS 1192-2 standards, and regularly contribute to the UK and International BIM Standards Committees.


A pass within the Essentials of ISO 19650 Examination (online or classroom version) is a pre-requisite for BIM ISO 19650 for Information Managers.

Course outline

Unit 1: Information requirements

    1. Clear information requirements
    2. Exchange information requirements

Unit 2: BIM execution planning

    1. Assessing the supply chain
    2. Pre-appointment BEP
    3. BIM execution planning
    4. Developing SMPs

Unit 3: Production of Information

    1. Producing with purpose
    2. Model-based schedules
    3. Spatial co-ordination
    4. Sharing information

Unit 4: Exchanging information

    1. Information exchange
    2. Accepting information
    3. Delivering open data
    4. Delivering COBie
    5. Delivering spatial co-ordination

Course learning outcomes

At the end of BRE’s BIM ISO 19650 for Information Managers you will be able to:

    • Recognise the need for SMART information requirements
    • Define exchange information requirements
    • Identify the key references to support the production of the EIR
    • Recognise the key considerations when extracting SMPs from the EIR
    • Apply the process of extracting SMPs
    • Identify the methods of assessing the supply chain
    • Recognise the key considerations when assessing the supply chain
    • Define a pre-appointment BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
    • Define a post-appointment BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
    • Explain key elements of a BEP
    • Apply the process of authoring BEP
    • Recognise the need to direct the production of information
    • Appreciate how information can change to suit its intended purpose
    • Identify the considerations when producing information for construction scheduling (4D)
    • Define and recognise the process of detecting clashes and the benefits of clash avoidance
    • Describe the key considerations when approving information
    • Identify the key tasks associated with information exchanges
    • Recognise the key considerations when exchanging information.
    • Appreciate the key considerations when accepting information
    • Recognise the open data format requirements
    • Recognise the data format requirements to comply with COBie
    • Identify the key components for spatial coordination.
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