BREEAM In-Use is a comprehensive and holistic environmental assessment method for assessing and rating the sustainability of existing, commercial assets.  It provides a framework to help owners, managers and occupiers of existing assets successfully adopt sustainable solutions in a cost-effective manner and provides market recognition for their achievements.  The International version of the standard is applicable in any country which does not have a local adaptation (more information).  For courses specific to applying BREEAM in one of these countries, please contact our local National Scheme Operator.

The certification process requires a licensed BREEAM In-Use International Assessor to assess and verify the performance of the asset.  In order to be eligible to apply for this Assessor license, Candidates must successfully complete the BREEAM In-Use International Assessor online training course and pass the examination which is proctored online through a third party and scheduled by the learner.

The training course is specifically designed for built environment professionals that have a background in the management and operation of commercial buildings.  The training focuses on the BREEAM assessment process and methodology to apply the Candidate’s knowledge and experience in this aspect of the asset lifecycle.  Course fees include training and exam administration.

At this time, only training provided by BRE Global is considered acceptable for eligibility for BREEAM In-Use International licensing.  Once a Candidate has completed the training and successfully passed the exam, they will be eligible to apply for a BREEAM In-Use International license within one year of successfully passing the exam.  Candidates who do not apply for a license within in that time period will need to retake the class to regain their eligibility for licensing.

Prerequisites for Attendance

To conduct assessments effectively, Assessors must have sufficient knowledge and experience in relevant professions to uphold the BREEAM In-Use standard.  For this training, Candidates are required to have at least two years full-time experience (within the last five years) in one or more of the following professions or equivalent:

  • Building surveying
  • Building Engineering or regulatory (control) services
  • Building or Facilities Management
  • Product or manufacturing auditing
  • Certification experience in the built environment
  • Environmental/energy services

These backgrounds should provide the knowledge needed to understand the technical criteria set out in the Technical Manual.  It should be noted that these professions are not exhaustive but are meant to provide individuals seeking to become Assessors an opportunity to consider what knowledge and experience is needed to ensure the BREEAM In-Use standards for assessment are met.  By booking the class, Candidates will be confirming they meet these requirements but additional vetting may take place to ensure each Candidate meets these requirements.

If a Candidate’s professional experience does not appear to meet these criteria, the individual must submit a PDF of their current resume and an explanation of why they believe their experience to be sufficient to BREEAMInUse@bregroup.com for evaluation prior to booking the training.  Full refunds for the course will not be available for Candidates who have insufficient experience and knowledge to understand and assess the technical criteria of BREEAM In-Use.

Training Program

The course is delivered fully online and includes:

  • Review of the In-Use International Version 6 Technical Standards for Commercial and Residential
  • Roles and responsibilities for Assessors in the program
  • The certification process
  • Evidence gathering and verification
  • Conducting site visits
  • Quality Assurance

Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the BREEAM In-Use standards prior to the course to ensure they maximize their learning during the course.


The license permits the Assessor to conduct assessments of asset performance using the BREEAM In-Use International scheme.  Only licensed Assessors can submit to BRE for certification.

An annual license fee of £500 per Assessor includes:

  • A company and individual listing on our global database of BREEAM professionals
  • Monthly operational and technical updates to help maintain your knowledge about the BREEAM In-Use program
  • Ability to submit technical questions to BRE
  • Access to additional information and tools to maintain your competence.

Assessors are required to provide evidence of sufficient levels of Professional Liability Insurance as part of the licensing process.  For more information, please contact breeam@bregroup.com.


Feel free to contact us at BREAcademy@bregroup.com with any questions.

£1,500.00 + VAT

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