A video recording of Richard Chitty presenting at the BRE Fire Conference in Watford in 2015.



In our range of active and passive fire safety courses we also run fire door inspection courses, a foundation course in passive fire protection, an introduction to cladding and fire course, and you can find LPCB approved fire products on RedbookLive.

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More Fire Courses

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Installation and maintenance/repair of steel fire shutters

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Compartment Sizes – are they still fit for purpose?

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Crib Fire

Fire Modelling for Fire Investigation and the Design of Buildings

This short introductory course will help you understand fire modelling and how it can predict how fires could progress in real-world situations. It does this by using data from real fires in simulated environments, from previous experiments or through using computer models.

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Sprinkler Systems In Housing In Wales

A video recording of Dr Corinne Williams presenting at the BRE Fire Conference in Watford in 2016.