The Impact of Wetter Winters and Drier Summers: A Masterclass and Roadmap for Understanding and Addressing the Threats and Opportunities to and for Organisations

The motivation for this masterclass is the compelling case for organisations to engage with the impacts from water shortages and floods upon their business plans.  In future years, wetter winters and drier summers are predicted.  This changing weather pattern will impact organisations due to increased flood events disrupting business-as-usual, and water shortages necessitating the implementation of water demand reduction measures. Overall, floods and water shortages have the potential to have a significant and detrimental impact on business planning.

Despite the changing weather pattern, there are considerable opportunities for organisations to take immediate strategic and practical measures to improve resilience to floods and water shortages. Such measures include:

  1. Becoming certified water stewards
  2. Adopting advanced and innovative technologies
  3. Engaging with water sensitive design
  4. Understanding recent changes in the water sector

The objective of the masterclass is to provide participants with a clear understanding of the threats and opportunities to an organisation with respect to water shortages and floods. A key outcome of the masterclass is that each attendee will produce an actionable road-map for use in their organisation.

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