The course aims to develop your knowledge and understanding of the key principles involved with the planning of a construction project and the subsequent management of the construction program.

Course composition:

  • Overview and guidance notes
  • Interactive presentation on the critical path method using precedence diagrams
  • Supporting reading on planning and managing construction programs
  • Precedence network exercise
  • MS Project exercise
  • Multiple choice end test
  • Developed by the University College of Estates Management (UCEM)

If you succeed in passing the multiple choice end test you will receive a CPD certificate for 10 hours.  The end test will comprise 10 questions and you will need to submit a correct answer for at least eight of these in order to receive the certificate.

At the end of session you will be able to:

  • Produce a sequence network diagram and use precedence programming to calculate the project time and critical path
  • Appreciate the process of resource levelling
  • Demonstrate how the various types of float are calculated
  • Manipulate programs to take account of project activity duration changes

Intended audience:

This online course has been designed to provide 10 hours of CPD for those with some knowledge of construction work and the construction activities typically undertaken on a project. It is recommended for those looking to extend or refresh their knowledge of the management of construction programs from a contractor’s perspective.

UCEM| BRE Academy

£95.00 + VAT

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