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NABERS UK is a new scheme for rating the operational energy efficiency of UK offices. NABERS UK will play a vital role in bridging the performance gap between the design and in-use energy performance of offices in the UK and create much-needed transparency for the market.

NABERS UK Energy ratings measure and verify the actual energy use of existing offices, providing a rating from 1-6 stars. This rating will help office owners to accurately target, measure and communicate the energy performance of their buildings. The rating system encourages improvements and therefore office owners can demonstrate improvements in energy consumption, which can be used to demonstrate whether offices are on a net-zero carbon trajectory and provide investors and occupiers with the confidence that the buildings they own and occupy are aligned with their climate change ambitions.

This fully online training course is specifically designed for built environment professionals that have a background in the energy management of office buildings.  The training focuses on the NABERS UK rating process and methodology. Course fees include training and exam administration.

At this time, only training provided by BRE Global is considered acceptable for eligibility for NABERS UK licensing.  Once a Candidate has completed the training and successfully passed the examinations, they will be eligible to apply for a NABERS UK license within one year of successfully passing the exam.  Candidates who do not apply for a license within that time period will need to retake the course to regain their eligibility for licensing.

While there are no formal prerequisites to carry out this training course, we recommend that the ideal candidate will have:

  • formal qualifications, or be skilled in the energy management and operation of offices and energy rating systems;
  • experience in energy efficiency projects in buildings;
  • an ability to read a single line diagram and understand how low voltage electricity is supplied throughout a building to different electrical boards;
  • an ability to identify time scheduling methods, operate a building management system, identify any meters on-site and discern between different mechanical equipment.

We also encourage you to register for the free introductory online NABERS Essentials course, where you can learn about the basics of NABERS ratings, as they are offered in Australia.

This course is for any individual that would like to become a NABERS Energy for Offices Assessor. The course is delivered fully online. You may start and stop the course as many times as you like. You must pass each of the three sections in order to move onto the next.

It contains three modules and three associated exams:

NABERS UK Assessor 101

Learn: The basic rules for collecting building data, get an overview of all our different rating tools and understand the procedures Assessors must follow when rating buildings.

  • What is NABERS UK?
  • Why use NABERS UK ratings?
  • Rules and rating process
  • Quality control
  • Steps to becoming and licensed assessor

Metering and Consumption

Learn: How to read meters, follow single line diagrams and how to go about conducting a site visit. These are all prerequisite knowledge and skills required for your work as a NABERS Assessor.

  • Supply points and minimum coverage
  • Non-utility metering systems
  • Conducting a site visit
  • Documentation requirements

Energy for Offices

Learn: How to calculate an Energy rating for Offices and understand how to lodge rating data with our Rating Input Form.

  • Energy coverage
  • Determining rated area
  • Calculating hours
  • Site visits
  • Practice creating a rating.

At the end of each unit, you are required to pass an examination to progress onto the next. There are three examinations in total. Each examination has a pass mark of 80%. You are allowed three attempts for each examination, if you fail after the third attempt you will be required to restart the course again and additional fees will be payable. You must complete the training course within 12 months of starting.


This is a difficult course: Only 75% of people enrolling end up becoming NABERS Assessors.

Supervised rating: After passing all three exams, your first rating application will be supervised. This is a key part of the NABERS training program. The cost of the supervision is included in your enrolment price.

Duration: We recommend you set aside at least 2 full days to do the entire pathway to ensure you gain a full understanding of the training material. You will have 30 days to complete the Energy for Offices exam once opened.

Once enrolled, you’ll have access to the course for a year.

The NABERS UK license permits the Assessor to conduct NABERS UK rating of office buildings in the UK.  Only licensed NABERS UK Assessors can submit to BRE for certification. Once you have passed the NABERS UK Assessor Training, please email for a License.

An annual license fee of £250 + VAT per Assessor includes:

  • A company and individual listing on our database of NABERS UK professionals
  • Ability to submit technical questions to BRE
  • Access to additional information and tools to maintain your competence.
  • Assessors are required to provide evidence of sufficient levels of Professional Liability Insurance as part of the licensing process.

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£1,350.00 + VAT

Book NABERS UK Assessor Training now - simply fill out your details:

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