After buying his very first home, Chartered Architectural Technologist and BRE Senior BIM Communicator Dan Rossiter was amazed by how unstructured the information about his home was, with relevant property information on loose bits of paper. As the most expensive asset Dan had ever purchased, he turned to BIM Level 2 to formalise how to organise and digitise this information.

Armed with architectural technology training, project experience and a myriad of British, European and International Standards, Dan has been blogging about his journey to produce the information containers needed to capture an information model about his home.

Dan has strived to show how already documented good practices can be pragmatically applied by using as many Building Information Modelling and Technical Documentation Standards as possible, with his mantra being “Simplicity through Standardisation”.

Using “There’s No BIM Like Home” as a basis (www.BIMblog.house, awarded by Feedspot one of the top 30 BIM blogs on the planet), in this one-hour CPD webinar Dan covers the fundamental elements of BIM Level 2 as well as the difficulties he has faced in applying them to an existing asset which includes producing:

  • Geometry with sufficient detail to identify key elements, producing a digital twin of his home
  • Information to satisfy his purposes of being able to register, operate, maintain and replace key elements
  • Records to capture this house in an immutable form

Dan also covers the pragmatic solutions he has had to apply to resolve these difficulties, and the benefits that the production of a digital twin has had on how he manages his home, showing that even a small two-up, two-down Victorian terrace in South Wales can benefit from a little bit of Information Management.

If you already have BIM experience, you may want to formalise this through BIM certification for individuals after taking our BIM training course pathway.

£12.50 + VAT

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