Decarbonisation of our existing housing stock is widely acknowledged to be the biggest challenge to achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2050. With large scale retrofit programmes potentially costing £11.7bn a year on the horizon; building market capacity to deliver; ensuring money is well spent and mitigating unintended consequences of retrofit is crucial.

A great first step is upskilling through BRE’s Domestic Retrofit Course to get you thinking about the challenges and opportunities ahead.

This introductory course responds to growing calls for mass domestic retrofit programmes, like the Green Homes Grant and Social Housing Decarbonisation. It will provide trainees with the knowledge of key technical refurbishment topics that must be considered for a successful retrofit programme.

Why Choose Domestic Retrofit Course?

  • Designed by industry experts
  • Flexible access – learn from your office or home
  • Own-pace learning – pause, replay as you wish
  • CPD certificate on completion
  • No formal requirements to sign onto training

Upon completion, you will be able to…

  • Develop a deeper understanding of what makes a successful retrofit project
  • Improve awareness of key technical refurbishment topics like moisture awareness, airtightness, exposure, external wall insulation, building physics and unintended consequences
  • Further your understanding before considering PAS 2035 accreditation

 Is it right for me?

The course is applicable to anyone seeking to build their understanding of the key principles of domestic retrofit hence it is relevant to anyone involved in these processes. It would be particularly useful for surveyors, designers, project managers, materials providers, installers and assessors.


The Domestic Retrofit Training Course consists of six 20-30-minute modules that each raise awareness of key technical refurbishment topics – moisture awareness, airtightness, exposure, external wall insulation, building physics and unintended consequences. The course is consistent with the relevant industry standards e.g. PAS 2035 Code of practice for the energy retrofit of buildings.

There is an introductory module, but the other modules can be taken in any order as there are cross-linkages between them as well as extensive reference to supporting BRE guidance which provides further technical details. The learning outcomes are set out at the start of each module.

We look forward to supporting your journey to achieving Net Zero.


Well structured & informative course on the increasingly important subject of improving the thermal performance of existing buildings. Do not miss this educational opportunity.
£125.00 + VAT

Group discounts available, for a limited time only. please email: megan.waller@bregroup.com

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