Put simply, innovation is “the successful exploitation on new ideas.” It is a process of change that affects every aspect of our lives, from creating new products, driving business growth, pushing the limits of human exploration and ultimately changing aspects of our society. Innovation is a journey; one with an uncertain outcome, beset with many hazards and pitfalls, set against moments of breakthrough and progress. There are many theories and models on how best to navigate this journey, but the reality is that one size does not fit all and there is no single answer. However, there are a few key steps on the journey where with a bit of good management the chance of success can be greatly increased. This webinar will walk you through the innovation journey, identifying 10 critical success factors – the 10 key steps.

It will also cover the practical application of these principles in the form of two case studies of BREEAM Outstanding projects which have achieved ‘Approved Innovation’ credits: the ESI (Environment and Sustainability Institute), a 3,000m2 multi-disciplinary building for the University of Exeter at Penryn Campus, and Central Square, a mixed-use development in central Leeds .

The presentation will provide an overview of both buildings and the drivers and barriers for innovative design and construction techniques to be incorporated into each project.

The case studies will include a review of the successful and unsuccessful approved innovation applications including Syngas CHP, Zero waste to landfill, and ‘Smarter Cooling’ utilising a buried coolth tank to reduce energy consumption associated with provision of controlled temperature laboratory spaces.

Guy Hammersley

Guy is an Executive Director of BRE and former BRE Ventures’ CEO with 40 years of practical experience in the construction industry, a thirst for innovation and a passion to deliver BRE’s mission of “Building a Better World Together.”

Georgie James

Georgie is a BREEAM Accredited Professional and BREEAM Assessor at Method Consulting. Georgie has several years’ experience of working with design teams on a variety of large and small scale projects across all building types.

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